Hospital Testimonials

Our clients keep coming back again and again. Their own words say more about their level of satisfaction than we could ever express.

“After 2 years we still have 88% of the nurses you recruited. Following your retention seminar recommendations, our 26% turnover has dropped to 12%. Hiring NSI was the best decision we made. We still are amazed that we hired 150 experienced nurses in just 30 days… unbelievable. Our net ROI was $13,500,000. Thank you. It is for sure, wherever I go, NSI will be our nurse recruiter.”


“97% retention after 3 years is phenomenal… what a testament to NSI.”


“What we needed were nurses and we needed them now. Prior to working with NSI, we had spent $3.2 million on agency and travel nurses. Already we’ve seen a major savings.”

…RET, Jr

“NSI is truly a miracle worker, with 107 nurses in 31 days, we will save $6 million and see improving morale. The relationship was truly a partnership. The team was easy to work with. The future will only be with you.”


“You are unbelievable, we hired 20 nurses in one week!”


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