Hospital Testimonials

Our clients keep coming back again and again. Their own words say more about their level of satisfaction than we could ever express.

“You are unbelievable, we hired 20 nurses in one week!"


“What we needed were nurses & we needed them now. Prior to working with NSI, we had spent $3.2 million on agency and travel nurses. Already we've seen a major savings..." "And 85% retention after 2 years." 

…RET, Jr. and JB

“NSI is truly a miracle worker, with 107 nurses in 31 days, we will save $6 million and see improving morale. The relationship was truly a partnership. The team was easy to work with. The future will only be with you.”


“After 2 years we still have 88% of the nurses you recruited. Following your retention seminar recommendations, our 26% turnover has dropped to 12%. Hiring NSI was the best decision we made. We still are amazed that we hired 150 experienced nurses in just 30 days… unbelievable. Our net ROI was $13,500,000. Thank you. It is for sure, wherever I go, NSI will be our nurse recruiter.”


"I have had good history and experience with your company, and we will certainly keep you in mind if we decide to use an outside firm."


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